Websites, yes, but more!

I have been in business quite a while now and have this down pat. I do everything from websites, email marketing, Gmail extracts, and merchant accounts.

I also have free hosting with purchase of website as well, just thought I'd throw that in. That will save you from a monthly charge for hosting!

  • Free hosting with purchase of website and free domain transfer. Also your own control panel, if needed..
  • No hosting or monthly fees if you have a shopping cart! (merchant acct. not included)
  • Merchant accounts at awesome rates. I will put you in contact with Brett Moraine at BancCard.
  • Google Adwords and Bing / Yahoo Search Marketing. Starter coupons for $100 for signing up.

Services Features

I have many products so if you don't see something here or have any kind of question, please text or email me! I will be happy to answer them for you so you can make a conscious decision on your services.

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    Professional, legal written proposals You would like to know what you are getting and how much it will cost. I will type up a proposal for the services you may want or need. Then you will submit your e-signature so the document is legal.

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    Websites and shopping carts I will make your website work for you. It's there for your business and to make you money, right? I want to give you the best product possible. I can also host your shopping cart at no monthly fee. That doesn't include a merchant account.

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    Merchant accounts This can be confusing, so I will help you along the way. BancCard is awesome; however not the right solution for everyone. You may want to use a traditional processor like PayPal, depending on your budget.

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    Mobile sites More than 1/2 of your visitors may be browsing on a mobile device, phone or tablet. My mobile sites allow the visitor an icon-based page for easier navigation, etc. This is a small monthly or yearly fee to add to your website, or you can purchase this separately if you are already happy with your main website.

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    Email Mail Campaigns I have a business account at Constant Contact. We can import your unique addresses gathered from your contacts or any IMAP account, such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail. We then take these contacts and create an awesome campaign or newsletter style email so you can get the word out about your business. We also can create the campaign to look just like your website.

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    Other stuff I have many other services, such as email marketing, QR code generation, or Gmail extracts of your unique email addresses so you can create lists or use them for your own email marketing campaigns. I also monitor pay per click campaigns for Google and Yahoo / Bing for a fee.

About Services


So just to review, I have many services not shown here but I will try my best.

I also have interest-free recurring payments on a $599 or $799 website. With regular, small monthly payments, I can start on your site now and you can pay it off in a certain period of months; please signup for that if you choose to use it. The preferred way is to pay in full, but I realize someone who is a small business may not have the money up-front. I must host your site and domain name while in the recurring billing period.

I am also a small company, and I specialize in small company websites. I have been a software engineer for 15+ years and creating websites for most of that time. I currently live in Overland Park, Kansas and have completed many websites satisfactorily to date. I was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, mainly in the Belton, Missouri area.


  • Websites, of course!
  • Recurring billing to pay off your site in payments
  • Mobile sites
  • Email marketing
  • Gmail extracts of unique email addresses for mailings or your own contact list
  • Professional proposals for e-signature
  • Free hosting with purchase of website
  • Logo design
  • SSL Certificates
  • Merchant accounts
  • QR code generation
  • No monthly fee shopping carts
  • $100 Google Adwords and Bing/Yahoo Search Marketing starter coupons
  • Custom website development

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